Sunday, January 10, 2010

isn't it?

-Deciding that, as much as I love my ol' trusty Annie Oakley perfume I've used since I was 12, it's time for something more grown up. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is it. There's something so elegant about a little spritz on my way out the door that lasts all day.

-A text from Sandra saying she loved my prayer this morning. I told her it wasn't actually mine, but a wonderful one by Walter Brueggemann with a wee bit of tweaking.

-The way Jack, Fitzroy's oldest member, always lets out a resounding "Alleluia!" after the benediction at every service.


Watercolor said...

I need a new fragrance. Maybe I'll check that one out as well. Thanks!

BRW said...

Lovely 'tis, too.

We're back from our stay in the Hill Country, where it was cold and gorgeous. Great family time. Love you . . .