Saturday, January 09, 2010

snow and then

-Snow! Snow makes the cold somehow gratifying, and seems to warm it up a bit, too.

-Meeting Catherine at St. George's with the other die-hard-market-goers who didn't let the snow stop them and catching up with Mr. Hazelnut Latte Creator at Javaman, talking about our Christmases and the cold weather, until he threw in a "the usual, then?" and made my coffee. Delicious, as always. I bought the last tiny butternut squash from Bespeckled Produce Man and he took my 90p and then said, "See you next week."

-A great walk through the market, to the city centre and even to TK Maxx with Catherine spent snapping photos and catching up along the way. What a wonderful friend.

-Speaking of wonderful friends, a great conversation (nearly 2 hours!) with my dear friend Jessi last night. New Year's resolution: get better at keeping in touch.

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Jessi said...

It was so amazing catching up last night! I'm so glad we got to talk about everything under the sun :)