Sunday, August 31, 2008

talkin' bout a REVolution

-A yummy dinner of steak, potatoes and grilled zucchini with tomatoes. Can you tell I'm trying to fill up on traditional Texas fare before going to Belfast?

-Being ordained as a PCUSA Minister of Word and Sacrament. The service was perfect, from Kyle's Lord of the Rings themed sermon, to Bob Leslie (the pastor who baptized me in that very church) holding my hand to pronounce that I was ordained and having to stop because he was overwhelmed with emotion, and then choking out "I used to hold her" before continuing, to hands layed upon me in blessing, including my parents and Grandmother, to Marie charging me to be guided by my inner joy and the constant presence of God to so many more things. It's difficult to convey in words the peace and tangible hand of God felt in this day.

-Being with so many wonderful friends and family. It was so great and suprising to see friends like Heather, Stuart and Allison who I haven't seen in years. In one room, I had pastors who have guided and supported me, a great deal of caring family, old college friends, a friend from elementary school and dozens of people who took very seriously their promise made to me and God at my baptism there.


B-W said...

I've said "congratulations" before at steps along the way, but making it to the actual service deserves mention.

So, congratulations, again! :)

Karen Fleming said...

Congrats Rev. Wilkinson! Fred and I are very happy for you!!!

Pat and Arch said...

We weren't there in body but we were right beside you in spirit! We are sssoo proud of you and know how Bob felt! We miss you terribly but time moves on and we are so pleased to have a new "Columbia" seminary student. Someone commented that he was the same size as you think they were making a joke??? We love you!!! Stay in touch. Pat and Arch

Sarah said...

We share an ordination anniversary in common, Whitney - mine was 8/31/03. I shall remember yours now, too. Be well in Belfast - wish I could be there again, too.