Monday, May 10, 2010

to top it off

(Gotta catch up a bit!)

-Canoeing and kayaking with the Flipside kiddos on the Lagan. It's the river that runs through Belfast and while it's not the most hygienic place, with a sunset turning the water golden, it was lovely.

-Finding a kicky red fedora straw hat at TK Maxx and donning it in the Saturday sunshine (and noticing how people tend to smile at you when you're wearing a hat).

-An excellent cup of coffee.

-A hug from Ruby, Neil & Ruth's precious 2 year old.

-Mom sending me a picture of potatoes fresh from her garden.

-A woman from Nightreach coming to the evening service and excitedly saying hello.

-My niece Natalie saying "I love you" on skype. It was really quiet and in cute toddler talk, but was the first time I've heard her say it. So great.

-Asking for recommendations from facebook friends on a good book to read and receiving enough responses to keep me well-stocked in good reads for at least 6 months. I love how my friends are all as nerdy as I am. :)

-Sitting in a chair of the Linen Hall Library next to an older man who dozed contentedly in his seat, book open on his lap.

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