Friday, May 21, 2010

bag lady

Sorry I haven't posted in so long...I be busy lately! I'm currently spending a little time in Texas talking to a church here. Here are my latest glimpses:

-Amy and Chris giving me a lovely purse for my birthday. My birthday's in January, but they've been saving it for me. It's so much more exciting to get a birthday present when it's completely unexpected. It's a gorgeous bag!

-Being greeted at the airport and receiving an ice chest full of Dr. Peppers and chips and salsa. What a warm welcome!

-I love sleeping in a hotel room, having lots of space and enjoying free wireless and tv. I can also see trees outside my expansive windows. :)


BeluBelloBelle said...

Beautiful purse u've got. Nice motif and color ^_^

Lynn said...

That purse is very you, Whitney. How exciting that the call is coming together - I hope that works out for you. It would be so great to be near you family again, huh?