Wednesday, May 12, 2010

reach out

-A father lifting up his toddler so she could reach the lower vibrant green leaves of a tree.

-Going into a crowded, bustling coffee shop, looking around and feeling that familiar moment of happy recognition at discovering a friend waiting at a table.

-A little bit of joy welling up inside.

-Returning to dance class and reveling in several things: being a "regular", the shiny new studio of the Crescent Arts Centre with its picturesque windows that made it look in the mirror like I was dancing in a forest, concentrating hard and seeing and feeling the difference and Sandy (our Julie-Andrews-ala-Sound-of-Music-teacher) thanking us at the end for "properly christening the new space."

-Hearing Steve share his experiences on mission trips to South Africa with our Romania team and mention a restaurant he went to often there and getting to say, "I've been there too!" We were sharing with the young people about our experiences of mission that completely transformed us. I'm so eager to witness what God will do to and through these young people in Romania this summer. I especially liked when Steve said "Don't be willing to do for someone far away what you're not willing to do for someone on our doorstep." Amen.

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