Sunday, May 02, 2010

soccer, small + striped

-Playing football/soccer with friends until I was gasping for breath and laughing at the fun of it all.

-Discovering that my new friend Katrina was also born very prematurely (her: 2 months early, me: 3) and we had very similar situations (both weighing 2 pounds). We both have little scars on our wrists and feet where the doctors had to get iv's going quickly (my Mom always called these "angel kisses"). How remarkable. Oh, and she also went to Fuller Seminary and knows my friend Josh. Small world.

-The weather decided to ago all wintery again with rain and cold and so I put on my favorite cozy striped sweater.


catherine said...

i am also a member of the 2.5 months early, 2lbs with angel kisses club.xx

Whitney said...

wow, i didn't realize you were! how cool :)