Friday, March 26, 2010

surprise, sing and sip

-Two very different reactions to finding out I'm a minister: while at a meeting with Heather and Chris in Church House, a retired minister friend of Heather's came up and Heather told him I was a minister, too. His response: "Oh! Hmm. And what's your name?" Much later, while serving soup and bacon sandwiches outside of the church at 2am to cold, tired (some drunk) passerbys in the pouring rain (we thankfully had a gazebo), a woman who regularly comes appeared. We caught up and chatted and she, assuming I was much younger than I am, asked if I had been to university yet. I said, "Well, actually, I'm a minister and so I've been to university and then a bit of seminary." Her response: (clapping hands and smiling) "Oh! Wow! That's so wonderful! How great! I LOVE that you're a minister, I just thought you were really friendly." Needless to say, I prefer the second response. ;)

-Listening to Florence + the Machine's "The Dog Days Are Over" and just feeling lifted. It's such a fantastic song, I could listen to it every day...and I do.

-That first blessed, fragrant, warming sip of coffee in the morning. There's nothing better.

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Mavis said...

Second response is great.