Tuesday, March 30, 2010

artful amblings

Yesterday was a freezing, rainy day in Belfast (shocking! ha) and I decided to put my day off to good use and fight every hermitish urge and get out and do something. I never have really visited art galleries in Belfast, and decided it was time. I went to the Lisburn Road, where there are several galleries and toured around four of them, grateful for a warm, dry place to soak up some art, and a warm, dry cafe to have a sandwich and a cuppa tea in. I took pictures of my favorites (I had a lot of favorites) and was even captivated by the beautiful light fixtures everywhere. Some galleries took one look at my jeans and went back to talking on their phones, but others were warmly welcoming. The last was called the Elkin Gallery and is, surprisingly, one of the biggest dealers of Andy Warhol in the world. (A recent print they sold--original Andy Warhol's are incredibly rare and would cost millions--of an Indian head coin went for $350,000.) The owner was so nice and we had a great time chatting as he showed me his favorite pieces. I actually discovered my favorite of all I saw there. It was between the amazing ancient book sculptures and this painting, but she won. The final painting here is my favorite, but the picture really doesn't do it justice. It was emanating golden light and really looked like it was glowing from within. Just breathtaking. Enjoy your wee art tour with me, and be sure to tell me which was your favorite on your way out!


Lynn said...

What an eye you have for lovely art, Whit. It is difficult to choose, but I love the painting of the couple sitting on the bench in front of the shipyard. My mind conjured up a story about them on the spot.

Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite, Lynn! What's their story? That shipyard is where the Titanic was built here in Belfast. I had so much fun seeing so much great art. Go to the High Museum for me. :)

Andrew said...

I think the tattoo guy and the sculpture of the trumpet player, but then again I also just enjoyed being able to see some art ;) The sculpture looks like a trumpet player we have in South Africa by the name of Hugh Masekela... Thanks for sharing them.

Lynn said...

They are either sweethearts or father and daughter. I am intrigued that she is writing or sketching.

I do love to go to the High - I let my membership lapse, but need to go on one of the free days. I took some photos at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center this morning and will post them tomorrow.

Fitzroy Youth said...

so you went to a bunch of art shops and took photos of stuff they were selling!? Im surprised they didn't throw you out. Galleries...shops.... :)

Whitney said...

Andrew, thanks for stopping by! I liked that tatooed guy as well, especially with the contrast of him being right next to the ballerina.

Lynn, I'll look forward to seeing your pictures. :)

Chris (I assume), I asked permission before taking pictures and they didn't mind. With the cheapest piece probably nearly 1000pounds, I was in no position to shop! :)

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