Tuesday, March 23, 2010

indy, you're preaching in the wrong place!

-Dreaming that I was applying for an "Associate Pastor for Archaeology" position (you can see what's on my mind). It's like Indiana Jones with a stole (or a fair-trade clerical shirt like I ordered today). I couldn't help but wake up amused.

-Looking at the book of Joel with my older ladies' Bible study and taking such painful words in chapter one and finding truth, redemption and authentic relationship there together.

-Getting really excited and inspired by my sister & Clay's creative genius.


Clay and Ashley said...

Creative Genius?!?! Yipee!

Funny, I told Clay just the other day that in my next life I'm going to be an archeologist, like Indi. I swear, you and I are on the same wave length.

If you were an archeologist, your nickname would be: SHORTY McEARTH DIGGER

Clay and Ashley said...

...oh, and as an archaeologist, I would learn how to properly spell archAeologist.