Saturday, March 20, 2010

drumming up peace

-Going to my happy place (St. George's, of course!) and meeting up with good friends for good food and a chat. I just love it.

-I've been a little obsessed with this gorgeous little blue purse Andrea has and today she revealed where it was found and that it only cost 3 pounds! We've both given up shopping for ourselves for Lent, so we sort of cheated and I bought her a scarf she wanted and she bought me the little blue purse. Seconds after buying them, we swapped and said, "Thanks!" I'm sure it's cheating, but oh well.

-Yesterday there were several bomb alerts in Belfast and Derry, but despite that these remarkably resilient Belfast folk all showed up at youth club, some after being delayed for over an hour because of them, where we had a drum circle the whole time. Several Romanian kids returned too, a perfect night as it was mostly non-verbal communication. Things are fine here, don't worry, if anything the frustration of threats has made people even more resolved that this chapter of Northern Irish history is closed. I think it's created the opposite effect dissident groups causing them are going for. Things are back to normal today. I continue to be impressed and inspired by people here.

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