Monday, March 01, 2010

rose-colored sunglasses

-Going to the office (and admittedly being a bit grumpy about having to work on my day off) and discovering that red roses have mysteriously appeared on my desk. Fitzroy people do this from time to time and it is such a lovely thing to do.

-A blissfully blinding, clear, spring-hinting, sunny day. The warmth on my back as I walked made me want to skip.

-At the 4S Club (Soup, Sandwiches and Something Special) for the older folk at Fitzroy, Dorothy announced to them all that she had used the spa treatment they bought her for Christmas and had a facial and her nails done. They all ooh'd and ahh'd. Later at the table, Pamela showed off nails that she decided on a whim to get painted cobalt blue while Dorothy went for a dusty rose. They commented on mine (raspberry-ish) and I explained that on a particularly cold, rainy day recently I just needed to create some spring and so painted my nails a cheery color.


Anonymous said...

oh man, i was just going to text you to say i hoped you'd had a lovely day off and i am looking forward to seeing you at dance ce soir. so glad you got roses though - and still looking forward to seeing you at dance ce soir! much love, Cath x

Clay and Ashley said...

Nice "lens flare" in the outside photo! Gorgeous sunshine :) LOVED skyping on Sat. i (heart) you.

Whitney said...

sorry i missed you at dance, catherine! my feet are soooo sore. was great fun, as always.

sista-you going all professional on me? "lens flare"?! i actually like that if you look closely, you can see a blue sign with an arrow pointing up, like "hello? are you paying attention to this gorgeous sky?" i LOVED skyping too and miss you lots! there are bday goodies en route, let's hope they're there in time. i ♥ you too!

BeluBelloBelle said...

Hi there , reading yours is one of my fave. Fully of expression and inspiring.
This one too ^_^

Very like the rose pic up there.