Monday, March 22, 2010

mumford @ mandela's

-These pictures don't really do it justice at all, but I went to see one of my favorite bands, Mumford and Sons, perform at the Mandela Hall here in Belfast. They're a bluegrass/folk/rock band from England (who knew?) and have really taken off this year. It honestly was one of the most electric, earnest and exciting concerts I've been to all year. Their thoughtful lyrics, make-you-dance rhythms and humble talent ("we keep waiting for everyone to realize we're not good!") merged with the overwhelming excitement in the room as everyone sang their songs word-for-word at the top of our lungs made for a night I won't soon forget.

-I sometimes forget that I live in a different country (especially after being at a gig that was much like home) because I'm just so used to life here. "Wee's" become part of my everyday speech, cups of tea commonplace and sunshine, rain and hail all in the span of thirty minutes ordinary. Every now and then, I have moments that remind me that I'm in a different place. Case in point tonight: I needed to pop around the corner to the shop (ha! Talking in the vernacular now!) and get something and it was so easy to just toss a couple of pound coins in my pocket and go. I really do like the change instead of bills thing.

-Another great theologically stimulating conversation with Ri over coffee and tea.

-A girl across from me in the coffee shop exclaimed to her friend, "Life is good!"

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BRW said...

Love that Aggie ring, too. Gig 'em, Whitney!