Sunday, August 30, 2009

powerful grace

-An impromtu trip with the housemate to Ikea. Oh, how I love Ikea. The cheap hot dogs, show rooms, awesome lighting, kids''s a blast. I got a few much-needed essentials: ironing board, wine glasses, candlesticks etc, but the best thing I found was this amazing rack with circles in it to loop scarves through. I'm in a phase of making the most of my tiny space, and this was just perfect! Plus, my ridiculous collection of scarves look lovely all draped together.

-My idea of a perfect Saturday: St. George's + live music. There were poetry readings and a couple of bands at the Black Box as part of Dukebox, and it was great to stroll in out of the rain to warmth and creativity.

-I'm facebook friends with Bruce Reyes-Chow, the moderator of the P.C. (U.S.A.), and he always has the most thought/faith-provoking ideas shared there. Today his status was, "Bruce Reyes-Chow thinks that if you mistake graciousness for weakness, you do not really understand the powerful nature of grace itself." It's a gift to have such a prophetic and compassionate leader.


M.K. said...

That sounds like a perfect morning to me too. I miss St. George's.

Whitney said...

And it misses you. :) (me too) The meat guy who made great coffee was away for a while, but he's back now. Jazzy sweatband and all.