Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hello there

-Having 15 Roma children show up at our Holiday Bible Club, most of whom I knew, and feeling relief that they were still here. I was encouraged when I saw a little girl from church and a Roma girl sitting side by side, playing and smiling.

-Being invited to the Mulholland's for lunch and enjoying delightful conversation, warm, fragrant soup, wheaten bread and apple pie.

-Going to Common Grounds yearning for community and a good read and getting both: while reading an old Wilbur Smith favorite, I heard someone say "Whitney??" and looked up to see Carrie in front of me. We were both leaders for a cross-community trip to South Africa five years ago, and I haven't really seen her since. It was great to catch up and discover that we live and work near one another.

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Sarah said...

sigh...love wheaten bread.