Monday, August 10, 2009

my day with the Duke

-Being welcomed back to Belfast by St. George's and an impromptu Duke Special gig. He was supporting an upcoming concert/festival and so was playing at various places in the city centre. He used a little antique portable organ that he had to pedal contantly as he played. After a few songs and some information about his upcoming gig, we all walked, portable organ and all, to the next place. Some of us handed out flyers, and I actually got to chat to Duke a bit. We talked about Austin, where he had played for the South by Southwest music festival. He was just as fantastic a few feet away without any amplification as he is filling a concert hall with his voice.

-The butcher's shop that has painted above it, "Meat to please you. Pleased to meet you."

-I didn't think that I would be here when Marie and Liz came back from their Eurotrip, but I was! We had lunch today at the quirky, fabulous Made in Belfast and enjoyed catching up and hearing about all of their travels.

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jen said...

I am SO jealous you got to hang out with the Duke. Life is just not fair!