Monday, August 03, 2009

O dear

I am having a fabulous time at home in Texas, and am sad to say this is my last full day. Once I'm back in Belfast, I'll be sure to put some pictures up from my great time here. The purpose of this blog post is very specific, though. I have lost a bet with my mother. You see, we were watching the Food Network, which we're pretty much obsessed with, and had a little debate over the name of one of our favorites. I insisted his name was Michael ChiarellI, and she insisted it was ChiarellO. Big talk ensued, a bet was named and a handshake firmly shared and then I went to the mother of all things correct, Google, to find out the answer. Well friends, I was wrong. So, losing our bet, I am now proclaiming with gusto in all of blogsville that I was wrong. My mother was right. It's settled. :) I'll be back soon...Whit