Sunday, August 23, 2009


-The rich, stirring notes from a cello underlying the folk-rock sounds of the Lowly Knights. They're one of my favorite Belfast bands.

-Finishing Wilbur Smith's Blue Horizon in all of its 777 1/2 page glory, and feeling that great mixture of joy and loss that comes with finishing a really good book.

-Feeling a bit tired, a bit cold and a bit hungry and going to that staple of Texan comfort food: beans and cornbread. It was delicious (almost as good as my Dad's), and hit the spot on so many levels. (Incidentally, I left the beans on the stove--which was turned off, but that doesn't necessarily mean a lot--while I finished Wilbur and came downstairs to find them still steamy. I tasted a spoonful and discovered that the cumin, chili powder and garlic had intensified lots, making them even more delicious!)


Gareth said...

Wow - looks delicious Whitney! Makes me hungry.
Sounds like you've had a special few days (with a lot of coffee).
BTW - your discussion of 'bouldering' (previous post) - do you mean bouldering as in rock climbing?

Whitney said...

Hey G! It has been a funny few days. And every day definitely has a lot of coffee. When I say bouldering, I mean hiking up a river. So, it's more an icy, wet, stumbly version of rock climbing. :)