Tuesday, August 25, 2009

once upon a time...

-Making brownies with decadent dark chocolate chips. I know I glimpse grace in food a lot...my god's not my stomach, it's just I see God in food a lot. :)

-Going to a local charity furniture shop in search of a little cupboard for sweaters and finding not only that, but a cuppa tea and a friendly conversation as well.

-Watching Once for the first time since my Glen Encounter at the same time that Catherine was also watching it at her house. We kept texting excitedly about how awesome the movie is and how whimsical it was to have met him. Just like Under the Tuscan Sun will never be the same to me because I've been to Cortona, Italy, Once will forever be richer and part of my own story now.

-Talking to Maggie after entirely too long and feeling so grateful for her friendship.

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Maggie said...

awww - YAY! i REALLY enjoyed talking with you too! totally made my week and calmed my frantic-b/c-i-have-been-studying heart.