Monday, March 28, 2011

recipe for a great weekend

-Receiving a package from my old housemate Katrina containing the last things that I didn't have room to pack in my suitcases home from Belfast. I'm most excited about my Irish Farmer's Market Cookbook (and my wellington boots with colorful candy all over them).

-The hospitality found in being given a perfect, aromatic cup of coffee (and several more).

-Making some wonderful new friends where conversation was easy, similarities were shared and differences were valued.

-Running my hand over a Tiffany stained glass window that was not only beautiful, but textured, as glass folded and curved to mimic fabric.

-Leading worship and finding that the Spirit not only brought me calm and energy in it, but also joy and deep gladness.

-Watching a flaming orange sun peek through clouds, bringing with it a sense of hope.

-Hearing that my sister's doctor appointment went wonderfully and that little Hercumer or Twanda (we like to suggest outlandish names in our family) is doing just great.

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