Sunday, March 20, 2011

a Grace-full weekend

What a fabulous weekend it's been. Friday night, I volunteered at Theatre Victoria to help at will call for a country concert (an amazing artist named Trey Hensley from Nashville who's only 20 and played at the Grand Ole' Opry at 11!). My great friend Ashley came along and after I was done working we enjoyed the show. It was hilarious when he kept referencing songs he wrote when he was 12, and Ashley and I who grew up together, kept saying "Do you remember what we were like at 12?!" Trey was very talented and played guitar better than I've heard in a long time. I especially loved his Johnny Cash medley. :) After the gig, Ashley and I did our usual thing: went to Denny's. We've been meeting at Denny's whenever I found myself in town for the past 8 years or so. It was a delicious close to a really fun night.

Then, I got up early Saturday morning and hit the road to College Station, where my friends Karen and Rob are visiting Karen's sister Kristin and her fiance Will. I haven't seen Karen and Rob in nearly 2 years, but it really doesn't feel like that long. We're pretty good at keeping in touch. They now have an adorable baby girl Gracie, and I had the best time getting to know her.

We went to the George Bush (Sr.) Presidential Library where Will works and had a lot of fun looking around. I think Gracie looks very comfortable behind that desk!

We also went to a little nature area/garden that A&M has and enjoyed walking among the flowers and soaking up some Texas sunshine. (Here are Colleen and Kristin at a children's station in the garden. I love those matching curls.)

Karen, Rob and Grace.

Karen and Gracie enjoying some Texas bluebonnets (maroon ones for A&M and traditional blue ones).

Gracie is just gorgeous.

(And really happy!)

We also enjoyed a little bluebell ice cream with strawberries.

So refreshing and sweet. I told Kristin that my Grandparents had these bowls and she said that she got them from her Grandparents.

Having a little cuddle with a sleeping Gracie.

The cutest dog ever. Kristin, Will and Colleen got this little puppy just about a week ago.

It was so wonderful to hang out with some of my best friends this weekend. It's such a gift to be with folks who know me so well and whom I know so well. In fact, our conversation ranged from garden gnomes (there was one in the garden, and it's a bit of a joke in our group of friends) to predestination (Rob's going to teach on it soon to his congregation and was looking for ideas) and lots in between. I just feel at home when I get to spend time with the Jacksons.

And it was a gorgeous drive home. I drove with gratitude for the many wonderful friends in my life, for clear blue skies and for the joy of babies. It was a perfect weekend.

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BeluBelloBelle said...

what a grace - full weekend u had indeed.
loved to see every tiny things you share :), so interested story.