Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pandora, perseverance and phone call

-Listening to my Iron & Wine Pandora radio station while I typed up a little WCC Bible study report and hearing such a wonderful song that I had to stop and just listen to it. Do you know about Pandora radio? It's fantastic: it's a free online "radio" where you get an account, enter in the name of a musician or song you like and it will play you music sounding like that song/musician. You can have several stations in your account (I have 39 different stations...everything from Counting Crows to Yo-Yo Ma!). The really good thing is that a lot of non-mainstream musicians are on Pandora, so you can hear all sorts of great folks you've never heard of before. It's how I discovered Rosie Thomas, Caroline Herring and Eliot Morris. Here's my inspiring song from today: "Opportunity" by Pete Murray.

-A successful little run despite a bit of a break from it and the Pox of Pollen Plague in my backyard.

-A humorous, encouraging chat with a pastor friend.

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