Wednesday, March 09, 2011

freed to live with and for each other

-Receiving a postcard from my Steward friend Irina from Finland. It was so unexpected and had the most mesmerizing hologram stamp. I made lifelong friends in Geneva.

-Reading this amazing article about Lent by David Lose. My favorite thoughts of his were these:

"And so yes, I need Lent. And to tell you the truth, I suspect that you do, too. You see, if Lent is in trouble, it's only because we're in trouble, so busy trying to make or keep or save our lives that we fail to notice that God has already saved us and has already freed us to live with each other and for each other all the rest of our days."

-Working with a student to help her take her exams and her explaining how difficult life is having disabilities, how people can be really mean and hurtful. And then she said, "But I love music, it keeps me sane." Over the course of her exam we listened to everything from John Denver to B.O.B. on her ipod. The joy she found in music was infectious.

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