Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the next food network star

Apologies for not blogging daily, you lovely blog buddies, but I have plenty to share. My precious nieces came for the weekend so Ash & Clay could have a little time for rest and antiquing. Those two little girls are just wonderful, so sweet to each other and hilarious. (Really, I'm not biased at all!) My favorite thing that Natalie said while we were making some dee-li-cious playdough cookies was "Hey, what's going on here?" It was so funny. We decided that Nat had enough experience with playdough baking to move on to the real thing.

So...we made a giant chocolate chip cookie! We used the recipe that my Mom always used to make us a giant cookie for our birthdays growing up (I always preferred a big cookie over a cake).

Natalie loved baking.

(I feel that with this image, I should clarify something: I did not let precious niece put her finger into a moving blender, it was in fact off, it's just blurry because some of the dough's falling into the bowl.)

Natalie got slightly excited when she saw how big the cookie was.

She and I have the same reaction to chocolate.

It came out PERFECT.

The next morning, Natalie and my Dad made biscuits for breakfast.

She's a little pro!

The girls also loved their popcorn snack (notice a theme? Yep, it's all about the food.)


We had so much fun. Nat's quite the little foodie and Gigi just clung to me like an adorable little monkey the whole time. It was great to see Ash and Clay too and they found some wonderful props for Ash's photography. A great weekend.

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