Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wizards, friends and pancakes

-Sipping a mug of tea while reading Harry Potter. I don't know why I feel closer to Hogwarts here (maybe it's kids wearing 'prefect' badges and school scarves) but it's so fun to read all of the books again.

-A deep, vocational, whimsical, amusing, reminiscing, theological, loving conversation with Rob and Karen. It really was all of those things at once. They're awesome. Plus, they've informed me that I absolutely must come visit my "dog niece" Abby when I can. :)

-Getting really into the shrove Tuesday thing and eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast and dinner. They're so good! I'm really looking forward to Lent being a time of renewed vision and discernment, and am going to mass with Catherine tonight for Ash Wednesday (most Protestant churches don't do Ash Wed here).


Clay and Ashley said...
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Clay and Ashley said...

Happy Ash Wednesday, sista! (I was a good Catholic girl today and ate fish at lunch:)

I miss you! Glad to see your internet/computer is up and running again. We just hired a new girl...from Scotland! She and I had a great chat about your neck of the woods. LOVE YOU! - Ash

Ashley Patranella

Whitney said...

Hi Sista! It was such a great service (though I did eat meat beforehand...). The ol' computer's still not great, it's very sllllloooowww, but is still usable. I'm excited you have a Scottish co-worker. How fun. I miss you, we must skype soon...haven't seen my nieces in too long! Love you :)