Thursday, February 11, 2010

out of the blue

A guest post from my friend Jessi (and her friend):
"A good friend of mine saw a glimpse this morning.
She said she saw a car stop in the middle of a school zone,
a kid jump out, run over and give the traffic cop a valentine.
She then said "This is why I love life." Thought of you."

Apologies for not blogging as often as I'd like: my computer is
sick with a virus
and is trying its best to recover, but it means
I have limited use of it. I also
had a cold but am doing much
better now. :) Also, the charger I bought did not work
for my
camera battery like I'd hoped, so back to square one on pictures!
get it all sorted out soon. In the meantime, glimpses of
grace include:

-Sunshine: lots of it! What a crisp, tiffany blue, glowing week it's

-Cappuccinos (without sugar! success!) and apricot croissants
(with a lot of wonderful sugar!) with Roberta at Avoca. We also
spotted a cheery, warm Fitzroy older couple sitting at another
table and had a nice little catch-up.

-Dinner with Dorothy, Pamela and Mark. Dorothy's just so fun.
Her computer needed a bit of updating (my words were "Dorothy,
you're far too stylish a lady to have a blank screen on your
computer!") and so we googled her favorite place (Cyprus)
and now she has a lovely beach sunset to look at.

-Watching an amazing documentary on wildlife in the Great Rift
Valley in Africa. The intricacies and relationships of creatures in
that cradle of humanity was just mesmerizing, and the dramatic
music playing in the background just made it profound.

-Sermonating on Lent: oh joy! I love it.

-Awaiting a much-anticipated package.

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