Tuesday, February 16, 2010

two of a kind

-This picture of Natalie and Gianna, the gorgeous nieces. It's my new background for my laptop (which is almost functioning like normal again).

-A little girl with brown cascading curls and a giddy grin waving happily at me from her car window.

-A big warm scarf and my favorite warm socks on a blustery day. The socks are made to mismatch and look like little hand-knitted sweaters for your toes. Perfect for days like this.


Jessi said...

I love the out of focus dog in the background. Like it was once your time Hayden...you were once the favorite baby...haha. The girls are so beautiful.

M.K. said...

Hey Whit - I miss you! I leave on Friday for Nepal for five weeks. I wish you could come with and enjoy the adventure with me.