Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I had a day-and-a-half at my favorite place on this whole wee island, Craigantlet, on Saturday. The cottage we all stay in is owned by friends of Jonee who open it up when they're away on holiday for Jonee to come and bring friends. True Irish hospitality, there's nothing like it! So generous and kind. It was way too short, but a lovely time. It gave me space to cook, read, discern, sleep, walk, hang out with good friends and just be.

-Waking up to find snow floating down and everything covered in fluffy white. Oh how I dreamed of getting snowed in at this wonderful place, but sadly it didn't happen.

-I made pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup for breakfast and, as you can see, they didn't even last long enough to photograph! Very yummy.

-It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and I walked along the beach with Jonee and Andrea, skipped stones in the Irish Sea, collected weathered glass and seashells and even had a nice little sit atop a hill by the sea to sit, think and reflect while listening to waters rushing in and out around me. Scripture mentions the voice of God like the sound of rushing waters...I think it's right.
-Playing with the wonderfully affectionate Casey (who didn't stay still long enough to take a normal picture!). She reminds me of the dog in Neverending Story in this picture.

-The fabulous Sheena made us all a birthday cake (several of us had January birthdays, so this was a late celebration of them all). Chocolate with orange marmalade and extravagant, rich icing. After our beach walk we came in to warm up with a cup of tea and a huge slice of this each. Oh, wow.


BRW said...

Thank you, nice Camera-Charger-Gadget-Gizmo. It's great to welcome the Whit's pictures back with us. I've missed them.

Love you . . .

Lynn said...

That sounds just about perfect. And the cake - yum.

Whitney said...

I'm so happy to get to take pictures again! It was wonderful. Hope it's warm in TX/GA...frrrreeezing here! xo