Saturday, May 16, 2009

St. George and Lady Londonderry

Remember St. George's Market, my usual Saturday haunt? I went after a tragically early 8:15 meeting and enjoyed the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of this great place. The weather is completely freezing right now and crazy windy, so it was nice to walk into a warm place full of familiar smells of spices, coffee, plants and even fish and sounds of live music wafting all the way up to the exposed rafters. I thought I'd share some of my favorite glimpses of the market.

-Delicate cupcakes (or "fairy cakes" as they call them here) neatly displayed in a swirling tower of colorful sweetness.

-Large wheels of cheese just waiting to be devoured. I tried a little of a wine-infused cheddar and it was so tasty!

-Colorful varieties of spices in warm rich tones that give off fragrant reminders of far-away places as you walk past.

-Little chocolate tarts decorated with my favorite celtic symbol. I think it's rather Trinitarian.

After the market, I went to the Mount Stewart House and Gardens for their Garden and Craft Fair with some friends and had such a whimsical time. I bought perhaps the most random assortment of things ever: a tiny plastic vase with a periwinkle filigree pattern on it that folds flat but opens and stands up when filled with water, a thyme plant, a handmade bohemian fabric clutch and a carton of delicious Thai green curry sauce. It was a fun adventure, and the best part was walking through the beautiful gardens of the house. Apparently a Lady of the Londonderry family still lives there and I overheard a worker say that "her parrot is the only thing older than her in the house--by one year."

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John Edward Harris said...

Asalways, great photos.