Friday, May 22, 2009

just shy of a dozen

-A meeting with people I didn't know (chaplains at Queen's University) that began with laughter, setting the tone for an open, casual and informative gathering.


-Sleeping really, really well and wondering why I don't make sleep a priority more often.

-Being told by someone in the church "everyone just smiles when you get up to talk." What a nice thing to say.

-Having children from the primary school come to Fitzroy for their school concert and feeling like walls between the church and its community began to crumble in the process.

-A sandal-worthy day (almost--it rained later, but I wore them anyway).

-Getting a Rachael Ray magazine in the mail and reading it in one sitting--even doing the fun "foodie" crossword, which I was way more successful with than normal ones.

-I've brought about 100 corn tortillas back from my recent visit stateside (they don't have them here) and felt the need to be creative to use them up. My Mom suggested a sort of tortilla casserole and it was completely delicious. I didn't know what to call it until I pulled it from the oven all bubbly and spicy in the cast iron skillet and sliced through layers of tomato sauce, beef and cheese and said aloud "Mexican Lasagne!" There's no other way to describe it.

-Cool creamy fairtrade coffee ice cream with dots of ground coffee in it.

-Watching the Chelsea Flower Show with all its beauty and art on tv and deciding that I really do need to go next year.

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