Thursday, May 07, 2009

look both ways

-Visiting a wonderful 80+ year old in the church for lunch and asking how she and her husband met. It turns out, they met crossing the street on the way to the Chelsea Flower Show in England. She told me the story and then sat back in her chair, smiled and said, "isn't it romantic?" Let's just say I'll be definitely looking both ways before I cross the street. :)

-Coming in from the rain and being offered a crisp glass of white wine.

-Having the courage to point out something that's really important to me and having it acknowledged and heard. (In this case, it was pointing out the importance of gender balance in preachers for services and that only 3 out of 25 upcoming services will be led by women--and I'm 2 of the 3.)


BRW said...

Ahhhh . . . the power of a flower, and LOVE.

Sarah said...

way to go whitney, let your voice be heard.