Tuesday, May 05, 2009

chillin' with my gnomies

I spent the last week hanging out with some of my best friends from seminary in New Jersey and New York. Words can't really express how wonderful it was to sit in a room with people who completely know me and just be. We drank coffee in our pj's, played games, talked church and theology (a lot), laughed (a lot), travelled around NYC, ate tons of food and just enjoyed each other's company. I have so much love for my great friends (and was sad I couldn't see everybody on this trip) and feel so supported and cared for by them. So, thanks guys, for being there, back massages, deep conversation, laughing at my corny jokes, monster hugs and just being who you are (and so inviting me to most fully be myself). You're the best. I miss you already, but I have lots of pictures to remind me of our good times.

**If you have a serious amount of time on your hands, you can see all of my pictures here and here.

Meet McGnomy everbody! This is our little companion on the trip. He's now living with Karen, Rob and Abby for a while, and then he'll travel to stay with another one of us.

The girls

Rob looking out at the Statue of Liberty

I love the guy's face in the background! You don't see gnomes in Penn Station very often.

I went on a Sex & the City tour of NYC (of course!) and this is where Carrie's engagement party was in the movie. If you're as obsessed as me, you'll also know this is where the "last single girl kiss" happened. :)

No tour would be complete without a cosmo at Steve & Aidan's bar.

I loved Greenwich Village.

And I loved the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery even more.

An Audrey moment.

McGnomy at Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

Lovely, lovely 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church in NYC.

Did you really think a bunch of minister-types wouldn't find a church to hang out in?

Little Italy. Oh, the joy of Chinese food in Chinatown chased by cappucinos and eclairs in Little Italy.

View from the top of Rockefeller Center.

The rain didn't arrive until we got to Times Square.

What a perfect trip!

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Rob J said...

Whit, it was a ton of fun. I think I'm STILL full from all that food!

It was great to see you, and you are missed already. I hope everyone on the other side of the pond knows what a gift you are, and what an important voice you bring to the ministry of Word and Sacrament, a powerful witness to God's extraordinary love and how we are called to respond.

The gnome is safe and sound, hanging out over our fireplace, among pictures of our friends.

Life has returned to normal around here, but I believe that in our gathering of friends, we caught a little glimpse of grace. Thanks, Whit!