Sunday, January 25, 2009

serendipitous spontaneities

-Going to St. George's Market in the morning and enjoying two hazelnut lattes, perusing the varieties of breads, cheeses, crafts and antiques and talking to people.

-Getting hopelessly lost on my walk back from St. George's and wandering through an area I don't think I've walked through before. It was cold, but (finally) sunny, and I discovered new charity shops, lovely peeling walls and old doorways as I munched on the fresh loaf of Irish wheaten bread I'd bought at the market.

-Veronika coming over for a spontaneous visit which included catching up, nibbling on wheaten bread with raspberry jam and brie and watching Sex & the City.


Mavis said...

I love that spontaneity. And the market sounds wonderful.

Patrick said...

Thanks for the comment. Actually, partly because of you, I'm writing again -- sort of. I had stopped for two or three months for a variety of reasons, but every once in a while I get the urge to write, especially when people send comments. Cheers.