Sunday, January 18, 2009

cookie, church and a chat

-Making dark chocolate and hazelnut cookies to cheer me up after getting caught in gail-force winds and rain that broke my favorite umbrella. The warm, rich chocolate and toasty hazelnut flavor with a cold glass of milk cheered me right up.

-Doing the Kid's Talk at church titled "The Sinful Woman", which incidentally ended up written right next to my name in the bulletin. So, the bulletin said "The Sinful Woman Rev. Whitney..." Before inviting the children foward, I made a point to tell the congregation that we are all sinners forgiven by God and that the sinful woman is not, in fact, my new nickname. We all laughed, and people came up to me all day saying "hey sinful woman!" It was really amusing.

-A great long conversation with Jessi where, continents apart, we both told each other exactly what we needed to hear and felt encouraged.

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