Wednesday, January 28, 2009

flight of fancy

-Attending the older ladies' Bible study and being given earl grey tea, homemade scones and biscuits. Our hostess circled the room no less than four times offering more and more rivaled Southern hospitality!

-Jill sending me a lovely purse that belonged to her Mother. It was so thoughful to receive something with such history (and style!). Thanks so much, Jill!

-About a week ago, I emailed some seminary friends, dreaming of meeting up at Jessi's lakehouse in Georgia for the weekend. What began as a flight of fancy turned into reality: it seems that four of them will be in or around New York at the end of April for a conference and Jessi can get there easily enough. I was able to take a week off of work around the bank holiday weekend in May, and yesterday I found a great deal on a flight direct (oh, the joy!) from Belfast to Newark. My friends Sarah and Chris live in Princeton, NJ--just a bus from the Newark airport and an hour-long train to NYC--and we're all going to have a big slumber party there for the week. It's going to be wonderful to catch up with my best friends, be uber-touristy in NYC and just relax.


Lynn said...

I like the Irishness of the refreshments served at the older ladies' Bible study. We usually have brownies from a mix and Seven-up at EPC. :)

Jessi said...

Yay! Can't wait for our trip. it won't be the same as the lakehouse but it'll a different kind of awesome!

Anonymous said...

Whitney, what a lovely beaded bag, and I have its twin--mine has a sweet little beaded strap across the back, just right to slip your hand into when you carry it. It belonged to your great-grandmother, and I love it . . . Mother

Whitney said...

Hi Mamacita! Mine has a strip at the back too. :) How fun. Love you!