Tuesday, January 13, 2009

collage days

-Continuing my collage creativity by decorating a little side table. I found the table at a charity shop and replaced the moss green surface under the glass with bright, fun patterns and colors. I used some of the left over paper from my painting, so it kind of matches!

-A great day off spent being intentional about relaxing: meeting friends for breakfast and lunch, doing a bit of shopping, taking myself to the cinema for a matinee and, finally, signing up for contemporary dance classes.

-Being brought a cup of tea.


~lee said...

haha love!

so maybe I took that picture in the awesomely amazing frame? (maybe?)


Jessi said...

Love that picture you used to decorate the table! I'm not sure I have a copy of that one...hmm...

Mavis said...

Looks great