Sunday, January 04, 2009

a birthday wish

Hello! I'm still gonna catch you all up on my glimpses once I'm back in Belfast with my laptop, but today's my birthday, and I thought I really should think of graces in my life. I'm so thankful for my great friends--near and far--who continue to support and love my nerdy self through facebook, calls, visits and just being there. I'm also really thankful for my family. We've had a great time together (which you will hear all about soon) over these past two weeks. It's a wonderful thing to know that home will always be special, no matter how many other "homes" I discover. So, on my 27th birthday, I wish you a great day, too. Have an extra cup of coffee. Call a friend you've meaning to be in touch with. Take a minute to look up at the trees and think of how big and small you are. Maybe say a little prayer. Look for the grace all around you. And be thankful.


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Lynn said...

Happy birthday Whitney! 27 is a great age to be...