Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it all adds up

This is my 500th blog post! So, in honor of 1,500+ glimpses of grace, I wanted to re-publish 10 of my favorite posts (in chronological order). It was extremely difficult to narrow them down, but what a wonderful problem to have! Thanks for being a part of it all.
Sunday, January 25, 2009
serendipitous spontaneities

-Going to St. George's Market in the morning and enjoying two hazelnut lattes, perusing the varieties of breads, cheeses, crafts and antiques and talking to people.

(after this post, my co-worker Chris always refers to this building as "your blog place")

-Getting hopelessly lost on my walk back from St. George's and wandering through an area I don't think I've walked through before. It was cold, but (finally) sunny, and I discovered new charity shops, lovely peeling walls and old doorways as I munched on the fresh loaf of Irish wheaten bread I'd bought at the market.
-Veronika coming over for a spontaneous visit which included catching up, nibbling on wheaten bread with raspberry jam and brie and watching Sex & the City.
Sunday, August 31, 2008
talkin' bout a REVolution

-A yummy dinner of steak, potatoes and grilled zucchini with tomatoes. Can you tell I'm trying to fill up on traditional Texas fare before going to Belfast?

-Being ordained as a PCUSA Minister of Word and Sacrament. The service was perfect, from Kyle's Lord of the Rings themed sermon, to Bob Leslie (the pastor who baptized me in that very church) holding my hand to pronounce that I was ordained and having to stop because he was overwhelmed with emotion, and then choking out "I used to hold her" before continuing, to hands layed upon me in blessing, including my parents and Grandmother, to Marie charging me to be guided by my inner joy and the constant presence of God to so many more things. It's difficult to convey in words the peace and tangible hand of God felt in this day.

-Being with so many wonderful friends and family. It was so great and suprising to see friends like Heather, Stuart and Allison who I haven't seen in years. In one room, I had pastors who have guided and supported me, a great deal of caring family, old college friends, a friend from elementary school and dozens of people who took very seriously their promise made to me and God at my baptism there.
Wednesday, August 06, 2008
mamma mia it's raining

-The swoosh and plunk of raw sugar being dropped into my tea. Yum.

-Dancing around to Abba on my iPod. I'm a bit obsessed with the music from Mamma Mia at the minute.

-Sudden heavy rain followed by brilliant sunshine. Texas seems to have no patience at all for rain, geting it over with as quickly as possible, and immediately bringing the sun back out again. Half of the time, the sun doesn't even have a chance to go away at all.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
the end of an era

-Enjoying my last Sex & the City gathering. I've had friends come over for wine, cheese, laughter and tv every Tuesday for three years. Twelve came last night, and we stayed extra long, enjoying the last bit of time together. Over the year, we randomly watched episodes (on dvd) sometimes watching 2 a night and sometimes 3 (and even skipping season 3). On our last night we ended up having the last 2 episodes of the series left--a fitting ending.

-Maggie coming before everyone got here and catching me in a packing-cleaning fluster. She immediately pitched in and helped by washing my dishes. It was so selfless and thoughful.
-The detail and beauty of a sunflower. (You know how much I love photographing flowers!)
Thursday, April 03, 2008
happy birth day!

I'm an Aunt! Natalie Sofia Patranella was born today, and I can't wait to meet her very soon. I am so thankful to God for such a gift of grace. This day will always be a reminder of God's grace in her.
Saturday, October 27, 2007
sittin' on the dock of the [lake]...

-A beautiful sunset reflected off of Lake Sinclair at Jessi's lakehouse. The color and symmetry was breathtaking.

-Playing games all day with good friends.

-Food. LOTS of really, really good food. We always all take turns cooking at the lakehouse, resulting in a variety and abundance of deliciousness.

-Listening to birds sing and the water lap as I sat on the porch reading a great book.

-Reaching extra far down off the dock to dip my toe in the cool water. It was a miracle that I didn't fall in.

-Riding in Jessi's convertible with the top down, letting the wind blow through my hair. I loved staring up at the bright blue sky as we cruised down the highway.
Friday, May 11, 2007
kind notes and words

-Diane leaving pictures and a dvd of Project Dance NY in my mailbox, with a lovely little note about hope.

-While Claudia and I were baking cookies for the women's shelter in my tiny kitchen, she insisted on washing all of my dishes. While I mixed and baked, she washed up everything. It was beyond kind.

-Having Kathleen O'Connor (our Catholic, feminist, Hebrew Bible and language expert professor) tell me I was smart. Wow! I seriously idolize the woman, and had exegesis with her last fall. Coming from her, it was a huge compliment I won't soon forget.
Thursday, December 21, 2006
there and back again
-Singing Paul Simon songs at the top of my lungs with Rob and Karen on our 14-hour drive across four states to get to Texas. It was actually a really fun drive, made better with great music, snacks galore, knitting and conversation.
-Relaxing with my sister after finally getting here by having a glass of wine, watching t.v. and chatting.
-Drinking coffee in bed this morning after sleeping in. My great book and my sister's great dog, Hayden, kept me company.
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
surface observation

-The way raindrops fell into puddles, forming circles and bubbles on the surface. I'm amazed at how perfectly round they are.

-Treating myself to a hot, chocolatey mocha because I had to be out and about in the cold rain.

-The mother who waited at the bus stop with her baby son. She was holding him, and they were both looking at each other and smiling. Now that I think about it, I should have given them a lift.
Saturday, October 21, 2006
wine, coffee and other transcendent things...

After reading threebeautifulthings.blospot.com, I've decided to record "glimpses of grace" I encounter, hopefully daily. They may seem random, but they are the little moments that add up to life for me.

-The way the light danced in my glass of red wine at Eddie's last night to the beautiful voice of Matthew Perryman Jones.
-The fuzzy whiteness of my room when I first opened my eyes this morning.
-The cinnamon smell of my coffee.

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Jessi said...

I can't believe how many wonderful glimpses I've been there for and either experienced with you (the lake, convertible rides, Sex & the City, Eddie's Attic) and through you (Nat's birth, your ordination, everything Belfast)! I'm so excited for the many many more to come especially in 16 days!!!!