Sunday, April 19, 2009

sit and listen a while

-Cleansing tears. I think I've been in a bit of shock over the death of Erin, a wonderful child from my home church, who lost her battle to cancer a little over a week ago. Looking at the blog her Mom has had on Erin for years, I saw this video that one of Erin's classmates made about her, using words from her classmates and teacher. As I watched this heartfelt testimony to Erin's remarkable life, the tears began to flow. I grieve with and for her family. We will all miss her.

- Going with Lori on a bus tour to see musical sights in Belfast and seeing Van Morrison's house, while listening to a song about growing up there.

-The lovely St. George's Saturday: I especially loved sitting on a bench, people watching and recognizing faces in the crowd, eating my blueberry scone and sipping my hazelnut latte as Irish music wafted over me.

-Going for a pint with Lori and being reminded of the great generosity of people here. We ended up talking to some politicians who were next to us (of the Sinn Fein/Republican persuasion) and though they had very dark not-so-distant-pasts, they ended up buying this Presbyterian minister a pint (and a hot whiskey--oh my!), inviting me to their exclusive Sinn Fein Christmas party next year and giving me their cards in case I "need anything at all." This is a place of contradictions, deep loyalties and opinions and overriding hospitality. It also says a lot that Bittles Bar, where we went, used to be known as a police bar--mostly for Protestant police. Sitting and chatting to these die-hard Republicans, I looked over my shoulder to see a painting of Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley sitting having a pint. Times are changing, hopefully for good.

-Chatting with Lori about the transition of living here and finding my way and having her give some really wonderful advice and applaud what I'm already doing to make friends, saying "I don't worry about you for a minute!" Yeah for dance classes and being a coffee shop and cinema, cooking classes, perhaps?

-A warm Sunday afternoon where I dragged my wicker chair outside, dusted off the sunglasses, grabbed a coke and read half a book in the lazy, wind-chilled sunshine.

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Stushie said...

I'm sorry for your loss Whitney. That was a beautiful video that her friend made.