Wednesday, April 08, 2009

remember when...

-Discovering the gem that is the Linen Hall Library. Its grand wooden staircases, tables with wee lamps and regal chairs, huge old glass windows with views of the city hall, Titanic exhibit and great collection of books made it such a fun way to spend a morning. I sat reading C.S. Lewis' diary from when he was a student in his twenties and imagined that this was the sort of place he might study in.

-Watching a guy take a cheesy picture of his friend in front of the city hall, where he was making a triumphant pose in the middle of the lawn.

-Having my interest in creation theology sparked and spending the evening going through my Old Testament final notes from seminary (I know, I'm a nerd) and suddenly remembering all I had been taught, and feeling energized by it.


John Edward Harris said...

You mention an interest in "creation theology". Is this similar to the "creation spirituality" of Matthew Foxx?

Whitney said...

"Creation theology" for me is very broad and deals primarily with the different ways creation is understood through scripture and by particular contexts. Matthew Fox's "creation spirituality" would be an example of one type of creation influenced greatly by mystics in the East and West and not necessarily tied to the Bible. The creation theology I've been studying is pretty broad: everything from Von Radt to feminist theology, but does primarily wrestle with themes found in scripture itself.