Friday, April 24, 2009

howdy & gig'em

-Being told by a woman on the bus that she really liked my haircut, right after I had it cut this morning. We ended up chatting the whole way into the city centre and then, upon leaving the bus, both said how nice it was to meet each other and actually speak to someone on the bus.

-The feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a big grant application and sending it on its way.

-One man honking his horn to give a thumbs up to another man walking by the road. This is a common greeting here, mostly between men, where one says "Alright?" and they exchange thumbs up signs. Not quite how we Aggies use a thumbs up (Gig'Em, we call it), but interesting all the same.

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Clay and Ashley said...

howdy & gig'em?!?! Love it. - Ash