Monday, February 02, 2009

love's demand

-Meeting up with my home pastor's daughter, Liz, for a late breakfast at St. George's. It was refreshing to catch up on her experience as a Young Adult Volunteer here, and share laughter over cultural oddities and funny encounters. It was so nice to meet up again and see a familiar face, so we're going to make it a habit.

-Getting a new candle and enjoying its light honeysuckle fragrance and warm pink glow.

-Seeing Godfrey and Margaret Sunday as Godfrey came to lead the morning service. It was a warm reunion, where Margaret rushed over to give me a hug during the passing of the peace. I really enjoyed hearing Godfrey's gentle and enthusiastic sermon--he always preaches good old-fashioned gospel. Sometimes you just need to hear that the core of Christianity is profoundly simple. Proclaiming that the gospel is a gift but not cheap, he said, "love is the most demanding experience in the world."

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