Wednesday, February 25, 2009

rise and shine

-An older woman in the congregation telling me what life was like in Belfast during the second World War, with constant black-out (so bomber planes couldn't see lights below as targets). She talked about how they had to have black-out shades and no streetlights, and the day the lights came back on: "I felt like I was in a fairy world when all the lights came back on!"

-A really "on" night at my contemporary dance class. I felt like I really did my best.

-The warmth and light of a spring-like day.


John Edward Harris said...

During my first visit to Ireland, while visiting the Carrick A Reed rope bridge, I struck up a conversation with an older local resident. She told me that as a young girl she was not able to visit the coast because of security concerns. She did not see the ocean until after the war was over and now tries to visit the coast as often as she can. During our conversation I was reminded how fortunate Americans have been. While many Americans lost their lives in World War I and World War II, our cities and countryside were unscathed. We may have observed black outs, but our cities were never bombed.

Amy said...

Your story reminds me of one Madeline L'Engle tells a story in her book, Walking on Water, of a woman during the second World War. Her story was about holding on to love continuing to love after her home was bombed and her family died. It is a lovely story about life.