Saturday, February 07, 2009

dancing in the snow (as opposed to singing in the rain)

-More and more snow. I loved the look of melting snow and ice on my window with a blue sky shining through, walking through the park with snow crunching beneath my feet and seeing everything blanketed in snow.

-Feeling inspired to play my guitar and playing some old camp favorites and texting Karen in the States to say that I was thinking of her. She texted back that she was playing some songs for a retreat and was thinking of me too.
-Dancing as back-up dancers at the youth karaoke night with Jo and laughing deep, joyful, belly laughs.


Jessi said...

I had to look at the first picture 3 times before realizing it wasn't supposed to be about the Guiness Beer. LOL!

Love ya!

Whitney said...

Ha! No, that's just in case you forget where I live. :) Love ya too! Can't wait for April.