Monday, February 23, 2009

playing catch up

-Exciting family news.

-A little girl punching the crosswalk button as she walked past it, to the scorn of her mother. By the time I reached it, I could cross right away.

-Little purple tulips magically appearing in our flowerbed.

-A busker in the middle of a busy shopping street belting out Johnny Cash tunes.

-Going to a dance class at the Grand Opera House led by Diversions, a Welsh contemporary dance company. They taught us some pieces they'll be performing tonight, and I will now fully appreciate the depth, skill and difficulty in them.

-A girl in my dance class inviting me for coffee, leading to a refreshing conversation about art, dance, feminism, Northern Ireland, housemates and more. We discovered that we share a love of the Queen's Film Theatre, and are planning to combine our brave-solo-movie-going habits and go together soon.

-Whistling as I walked.

-Texting my Dad to get pointers on making the perfect pot of beans and feeling like he was right there helping me. They were delicious (as were the jalapeno cornbread and spanish rice).

-A Sunday afternoon at home...the first in months. Veronika came over and we chatted, watched Sex & the City and had a lovely, relaxing time.

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