Saturday, June 16, 2007

turkish delight

-Treating myself with Turkish takeout: yummy chickpeas with garlic and spinach and basmati rice. It was so delicious, and I was thrilled to discover that they gave me a whole extra takeout container full of pita bread.

-Laughing with friends last night, and realizing just how badly I needed a good laugh.

-Sunlight from some phantom source dancing gently around my room when I opened my eyes after sleeping in.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Whitney! I've been away from the blog for a while and realized that I miss your joyfulness. :) I hope the internship is going well.


Whitney said...

Hey Brian,
It is going well...pretty hectic, though. I bet your life's pretty busy these days as well. Is the new job slowing down at all? Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Nothing slow about life right now at all. :) We need to get together soon. There was talk of doing it before Leslie heads-out, which will be in the next week or two, right? Do you have any suggestions for where we could meet? Coordinating so many schedules is going to be nearly impossible, but maybe sometime next Saturday? Y'all are welcome to come to our house, but I know we live out in the sticks, compared to you city dwellers. :)