Sunday, June 10, 2007

take care, breathe and love.

-The hauntingly beautiful voice of Katie Herzig at Eddie's Attic last night. I even bought her latest CD, so as to continue to be haunted by her music.

-Intentional relaxation. For me, this was making delicious blueberry pancakes for a late breakfast and then making yummy fusilli pasta with potatoes, homemade pesto and fresh green beans. It was a pleasant addition that Catherine joined me for dinner. I also decided that nothing would relax me more than bright blue flowers on my coffee table, so they came home with me from the Farmer's Market along with my potatoes, pasta, basil and green beans.

-The way Sandra closed an email: "take care, breathe and love." If I do nothing else this week, I hope I do those things.


Dana said...

it seems that even though we won't be grady coworkers, we can at least be very virtually connected. i love your blog - it's inspiring me to put pictures on my daily discipline. (

Whitney said...

yeah we can. thanks for reading...i love that we can keep in touch this way.