Friday, June 01, 2007

tears and laughter

Good people who read my blog:
I've started working as a chaplain in a hospital for the summer, and encounter many glimpses there, but for obvious reasons am not able to carry a camera with me and take pictures of them. So, many of my summer posts will probably be picture-less. Just letting you know!
-Wiping tears from a woman's eyes as she finally let out all of her frustration.

-Joking about what chaplains should wear in the hospital (liturgically colored robes for example) with the other chaplain interns. Joking is surely a sign of a good team forming.

-Talking with a patient about how, with his lovely view of the city, his hospital room was like a hotel, except you have to feel bad to get in. He loved that idea, and kept repeating, "you gotta feel bad to get in, and you gotta feel good to get out" and laughing.


M.K. said...

I was wondering why you were in an "on call" room and thought maybe you had a career change you had neglected to tell me about. ;)

Whitney said...

:) our "on call" room is just like a dr's on call room (same floor actually), but its reserved for chaplains doing 24 hour shifts. don't worry...i'm not operating on anyone!