Thursday, June 14, 2007

hugs, jokes and better.

-A patient spontaneously hugging me after I prayed with her.

-A little girl giggling loudly as she skipped down the sidewalk beside her mother.

-A ray of sunlight caught in the misty early morning.

-Bonding with my co-workers through sarcasm. We have similar senses of humor, and this makes such an intense job a little bit easier.

--Running into a woman in the hallway who I visited last week, and having her tell me with a big smile on her face that her sister is doing much better.


butterflygyrl13 said...

Hey Whit! I just noticed that you had left me a comment. That goes to show you how observant I have been lately! Lol. Anyways, yeah I had read yours a while back and thought it really inspired me, so I decided to start my own. And actually, some other UCMers have started their own as well. Seems like it's spreading fast! Hope all is well with you and I miss you!

Whitney said...

hey tara. that's great that the 3bt love is spreading. i'm working as a chaplain in a hospital this summer, and it's hard, but good. have you finished grad school yet?

butterflygyrl13 said...

Well I just finished my first year and have a year left. I thought about graduating early, but I got a scholarship for all of next year, so figured I would stay around. I'm really enjoying it though. I'm getting to take almost anything I want, so that's really nice. It's way better than undergrad!