Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a first, a hug and beauty.

-The patient who said he had never seen a female chaplain before. I then expected him to be not too fond of the idea, but then he said, "That's awesome!"

-A hug from Dorothy, a woman who cleans at Grady. We've spoken several times, but yesterday we told each other our names and she said, "You're so sweet. Let me give you a hug." ...And right in the middle of the hallway, she did.

-Playing around with my camera and taking pictures of my sunflowers (still lovely) by candlelight. The pictures had a depth and color I didn't expect. I love how the fuzzyness of the stem and leaves shows. It's funny how different light (darker even) can bring out colors and shadows that are more beautiful than constant sunlight. Hmm...kind of like life, isn't it? When we go through dark times or help others through them, we discover depths of beauty we didn't notice before in us and others.

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